Stas Burleyev

I have been working in the company since its foundation (for half a year already) and I want to say that this is a great company with great potential.

Roman Marchenko

There are no problems with management, without unnecessary bureaucracy and this is excellent. The office is cool, they provide everything you need.



What makes us special

Gulliver Kyiv

Here at Flytika, we take pride in our amazing people who are the essence of all our processes. Though there’re over 160 people in our offices, we still managed to preserve the family-like atmosphere. And this is not a buzzword for us, when we say family-like, we really mean it: 

  • We gladly spend our free time together, be this sports, board games, or picnics
  • We know each other’s spouses and kids and always warmly welcome them to our office, as well as outdoors activities
  • Our team-buildings are also homelike, where everybody can relax and feel comfortable
  • Quite a number of our colleagues who have left us, come back shortly

What is it that makes people not only stay but come back as well, you make ask? We believe there are two main reasons: the benefits we offer and the values we share. 

What you can get from us

Office Flytika

Here’re some common perks:

  • Modern offices in the city center
  • Flexible schedule (like indeed flexible) and the possibility to work remotely
  • Diverse activities and team-buildings
  • Paid sick leaves and vacations
  • Compensation of educational programs, training, niche conferences, etc.
  • No bureaucracy

Our values

  • Full transparency — we are always honest about everything that relates to you or your project
  • Self-discipline — we trust our people and don’t control them because we know they are able to work on their own pace which won’t affect productivity
  • Proactivity — we don’t wait until someone comes and says us what to do; we appreciate people who come up with initiatives
  • Flexibility — which results in the convenient working hours and readiness to adapt to changes instantly
  • High commitment — we keep our word and always stick to deadlines, as well as fully devote ourselves to projects we work on

We’re also happy to see more amazing people on our team, so if you feel like we could make a match — be sure to get in touch with us!




We are opening new vacancies every day. Send us your CV and we’ll keep your resume on file for future references.

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