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About The Position

MWDN company is looking for a self-motivated and goal-oriented Senior ML/DL Engineer who would like to be a part of a team working on brand new startup projects for foreign customers.

We offer:

  • People-oriented management without bureaucracy
  • The friendly climate inside the company is confirmed by the frequent comeback of previous employees
  • Flexible working schedule
  • Paid time off (21 working days per year, plus all national holidays and 10 sick days)
  • Full financial and legal support for private entrepreneurs
  • Education compensation
  • Free English classes with native speakers or with Ukrainian teachers (for your choice)
  • Dedicated HR


Building and improving our engineering infrastructure to enable and scale our applied algorithmic research and development. On a day to day, some of your responsibilities will include:

● Design, Develop, Test, and Maintain ETLs and services for integrating with our customer’s various data systems.

● Design, Develop, Test, and Maintain ETLs and services for building our own data processes to accommodate applied research needs as well as production needs.

● Finding performance bottlenecks in our data pipelines and our machine learning pipelines and resolving them

● Develop end-to-end algorithmic solutions for complex ML problems - from research and training models, through design, development, evaluation, and optimization.

● Develop train and inference engine pipelines in a large-scale distributed system.

● Transform NLP and data-related ML/DL algorithmic approaches into efficient and optimized production-ready solutions.

● Design, Implement and Optimize ML/DL and research pipelines to improve the algorithm’s performance.

● Transform high-level product requirements into technical requirements

● Brainstorm and prototype algorithmic improvements.

● Work in an ambiguous environment and collect requirements from different personas in the company (Product, FE, Research, etc.)

● Advise and collaborate with researchers on DL software engineering aspects (such as tools and practices).


● M.Sc. (Ph.D. preferred) in Computer Science, Engineer, or equivalent, ideally with a thesis in deep learning

● Proven track record in MLOps and in Data Engineering

● High proficiency in Python and its data science stack (Pandas, sklearn, etc.).

● Deep understanding of artificial deep neural networks architectures, algorithms, infrastructure, tooling, and practices, ideally in NLP/NLU/NLG.

● Hands-on experience with the design, implementation, and optimization of deep learning models using common frameworks (TensorFlow, PyTorch, HuggingFace, etc.)

● Model optimization techniques – familiarity with testing and hyperparameter optimization tools and frameworks.

● 5+ years of hands-on experience in engineering in production environments

● 3+ years of experience in ML

● Experience in the following technologies: Dockers, Kubernetes, AWS, MongoDB

● End-to-end experience – owning feature from an idea stage, through design, architecture, coding, integration, deployment, and monitoring stages


● NLP/NLU/NLG experience in document classification, text generation, summarization, NER

● Proven ability of conducting reproducible applied research in ML

● Working with medical data on healthcare data projects

● Experience in the following technologies: Spark/Hadoop, Airflow, Redis, Kafka

● Go programming language proficiency

About the project

Our client implements Artificial Intelligence innovations in medical coding. They believe that medical coding should become fully automated and they know how to help this to happen.






We are opening new vacancies every day. Send us your CV and we’ll keep your resume on file for future references.

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